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The CHRIS®-Technique (Cellular Harmonizing Reconstructive Integrative System) is a technique that teaches clients about the physical Body and Energy Body. Its founder, Christine Schenk, states, “Apart from the physical body, which we are able to see and touch, we have a second body, the Energy Body, with which we share our life.”

Many healing techniques center on using energetic treatment to address trauma on the Physical Body. The Energy Body processes the impact of the effects of these treatment modalities. Changing, replacing, adding, balancing, and harmonizing energies does not come without risks, especially for individuals who’ve had near-death or out-of-body experiences due to a traumatic event. The CHRIS®-Technique helps clients consciously understand their body’s energetic system and work with it.

Benefits of the CHRIS®-Technique

CHRIS®-Technique is especially useful in helping traumatized people become centered again. Most trauma patients become disassociated due to past events (e.g., near-death experiences, difficult surgeries or births, or sexual/physical abuse). Disassociation happens when the Energy Body leaves the Physical Body. Many people relate to feeling as if they are watching themselves from above or experiencing a sense of disorientation in the world. The result is continuous trauma, as the bodies are not meant to be split.

Most people are connected at birth, and trauma causes this split. A psychotherapist who is trained in this technique helps clients feel each body so that they may understand the difference between the Physical Body and the Energy Body. Therefore, the psychotherapist supports the client on the path of the reunion of both bodies. The client experiences a sense of unity again, which is a basis for emotional, physical, and energetic health.

The CHRIS®-Technique is as much for victims of trauma as it is for therapists and practitioners in Malibu who work with them. This includes psychotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, nurses, and medical doctors. It can help:

  • Improve listening and communication skills when working with victims, and it can guide the practitioner in asking the right questions to raise awareness of traumatic situations.
  • Develop an ability to identify a specific energetic injury or harm to determine the most reliable and helpful energetic intervention.
  • Improve safety and quality control, when a practitioner is training to apply a specific approach or procedure, and better understand its perspective.

The CHRIS®-Technique can also help train an individual to help them learn how to behave in situations where energetic knowledge and skill are critical. It can also help treat the side effects of other energy therapies, particularly in clients who have undergone multiple treatments.

Applications of the CHRIS®-Technique

The technique helps apply energy healing to reduce pain and discomfort as well as diagnose energetic illnesses and treat them. It can reduce the side effects of remedies such as acupuncture. In addition to reducing post-traumatic stress, it can also reduce the symptoms of local or post-surgical anesthesia.

From a psychotherapy perspective, the technique can help differentiate perception and relate personal conflicts to one’s Physical Body or Energy Body. By targeting energy fields, it can be used to treat depression, shock, stress, or suicidal tendencies. From treating therapist burnout to client trauma to promoting personal growth and helping artists overcome stage fright, the CHRIS®-Technique can be used to improve one’s quality of life on many levels.

Serenity Trauma Healing Center

Serenity Trauma Healing Center is a state- and JCAHO-accredited to provide a range of trauma therapies in Malibu, CA. We specialize in the CHRIS®-Technique and other trauma-focused energy healing methods. For more information on this energetic treatment, call us directly at 310-310-9249.