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Types of Trauma that Cause Complex PTSD

Any traumatic event can cause complex PTSD, but the most common include the following:

  • Childhood abuse (neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse)
  • Ongoing witnessing to acts of violence or abuse
  • Expierencing Repeated domestic violence
  • Forced into something against one’s will such as prostitution or slavery
  • Victims of torture, kidnapping, or rape
  • Being a prisoner of war
  • Having an invasive medical procedure or experiencing severe medical complications
  • Learning that a loved one has gone through a violent or traumatizing experience
  • Surviving a traumatic accident like a car crash, collapsing building, near drowning, or a fire
  • Survior’s Guilt

Complex PTSD is more likely to develop if these traumatic events occurred during childhood. In addition, the symptoms of complex PTSD will likely be more severe if the trauma lasted for long periods of time, if there was little hope of being rescued there were multiple types of trauma, and if the person who inflicted the trauma was close to you.


How is Complex PTSD Treated?

Treatment for complex PTSD will be determined by your therapist at Serenity Trauma, as each patient is a unique individual with their own sets of experiences. But some of the most popular treatment methods used for treating complex PTSD include the following.

    Living with Complex PTSD

    Complex PTSD is a serious mental health condition that absolutely must be treated. Treating complex PTSD often takes a great deal of time to treat if done in individual therapy, and for many people, if not treated it can be a lifelong condition. Using the Serenity method we have found that we can successfully reduce the symptoms of complex PTSD within 3-6 months. Working with a psychiatrist is important but medication alone won’t work at the deepest levels; therapy is essential to recovery.