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Trauma Therapy and Addiction in Malibu, CA

Trauma therapy and addiction are used to treat people suffering from various forms of anxiety that originate from the trauma of battling addiction. Understanding trauma and addiction are at the core of our therapy used to treat a wide range of individuals who have battled an addiction to alcohol, narcotics, opioids, and other drugs. When people are diagnosed as suffering from a type of addiction trauma, a personalized therapy plan will be initiated to help you or your loved one purge the negative energy from your body, therapy will help you understand the trigger that inaugurated the addiction, and you will learn how to approach your trauma from a safe place and face it without the weight of anxiety pressing down. Serenity Trauma is a top anxiety center offering trauma therapy and addiction counseling, staffed with some of the best therapists in the country.

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

According to numerous studies, there is a clearly defined connection between individuals who suffered from childhood trauma and addiction. If a person had at least four traumatic experiences as a child, they’re more likely to develop alcohol use and substance use disorders, and they run a 60% chance of becoming obese. In addition, the environment one is in bears a significant connection. If an individual is regularly around specific substances and is searching for a coping mechanism, that substance can easily become a method for self-medicating.

Types of Trauma that can Trigger Addiction

There are multiple types of trauma that can lead people to problems with addiction. At Serenity Trauma we have identified a wide range of traumatic events in a cross-range of patients and therefore one should never assume that one individual will react to trauma the same way as another person. However, when addiction is a problem, there is almost always a specific type of trauma at the root of the problem, and some of these include the following:

Physical Assault

When a person is badly beaten the traumatic experience can leave lasting psychological and emotional scars that, when certain variables are present, can create addictive behavior. In some cases, the physical assault is carried out by someone the person knows, and in other cases a stranger is responsible.

Sexual Assault

When someone is raped or molested, the experience can leave a great degree of traumatic damage to the victim. In some cases, the survivor will turn to substances to numb the symptoms of trauma–one common symptom is used to mask others.

Domestic Violence

Another type of trauma that can lead one to battling addiction is domestic violence. When someone in the household abuses another person, severe anxiety can develop. From parental abuse to spousal abuse, both types of domestic violence have led others to relying on substances to deal with their trauma.

Emotional Abuse

When one person weaponizes emotions to control another person by shaming, blaming, embarrassing, criticizing or manipulating another person, a great degree of trauma can consume the victim, and in some cases, lead them down the path of substance abuse and addiction.


One of the most common types of trauma stems from bullying. In many cases, when children are bullied, they will develop anxiety and have problems in their adult years. Whether the bullying was an isolated incident, came in small random occurrences, or was a daily occurrence and was severe, trauma can be present and lead one to developing problems with addiction.

Parental Neglect

When parents don’t provide the resources a child needs to develop in a healthy manner or feel safe, they can experience trauma in their adult years. Whether, as a child, the person didn’t have enough food, clean clothes, a safe home, was never shown love, or faced emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, parental neglect is a common type of trauma associated with addiction.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have the power to wipe out everything in one’s life; they can destroy homes, claim lives, and create life-changing injuries. Such an experience can create a great degree of anxiety, and as a result, people can turn to substances to cope and develop addiction problems.


Another type of trauma in one rooted in having battled a chronic or long-term illness. One’s experience from battling disease or a life-threatening illness can cause nightmares, flashbacks, and unsettling feelings that create anxiety for years to come, and in some cases, people resort to substances and develop an addiction.

Domestic Violence

Another type of trauma that can lead one to battling addiction is domestic violence. When someone in the household abuses another person, severe anxiety can develop. From parental abuse to spousal abuse, both types of domestic violence have led others to relying on substances to deal with their trauma.

Serenity Trauma, located in the tranquil setting of Malibu, California, is the best trauma therapy and addiction center in the state that offers a wide variety of therapies to people battling addiction brought on by trauma. When you or your loved one comes in for a consultation, one of our therapists will determine the best type of therapy required that will enable one to process the traumatic events, face them in a safe and controlled setting, and slip through the fetters of addiction. Some of the types of therapies used to treat trauma and anxiety include:

● Havening therapy
● Brainspotting
● EMDR Counseling
● Survivor’s Guilt PTSD therapy
● Somatic Experiencing Therapy
● Family PTSD therapy
● Complex PTSD therapy

Often, a person will have multiple types of trauma they are dealing with, and in cases like this, a hybrid therapy approach will likely be orchestrated by a therapist. For example, if you are battling addiction, and your past is riddled with multiple types of trauma, each will likely need to be targeted in your therapy treatment. In other words, say you were neglected as a child, witnessed the death of a loved one, and you were the only survivor of a car accident–your addiction is likely rooted in each of these traumas.

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