According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America affecting more than 18% of our total adult population every year. Moreso, even though anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only about 37% of those diagnosed with their condition seek treatment. 


Don’t delay in getting the right anxiety treatment; you can significantly improve your life while better understanding the root of your anxiety and how to process past events in a healthy manner that will leave you feeling calm and living a life of purpose. This article is intended to help people suffering from anxiety; it is intended to help them learn about some of the various therapies available at the best anxiety treatment center in California staffed by leading experts and a compassionate team of therapists with unique specialties in their field. 




1. Havening Therapy is a Popular Treatment Method for Anxiety Disorders


Havening therapy utilizes eye movements, touch, and distractions to help treat people suffering from anxiety. Serenity Trauma is staffed with therapists specializing in this method of therapy that’s used to treat various types of PTSD and multiple forms of anxiety. The goal of havening therapy is to lower the levels of anxiety and stress one feels that is directly connected to unpleasant memories. Developed by Dr. Ronald Ruden and Dr. Steven Ruden and works around the principle of using touch to address mental symptoms by changing pathways in one’s brain linked to emotional turmoil. The Ruden brothers believed that serotonin production in the brain is increased when the patient is touched in a manner that’s linked to the ability to detach from painful memories. Havening therapy is conducted in short sessions and is intended to create a “safe haven” for people suffering from anxiety. Many describe the therapy as soothing, and in some cases havening therapy is performed in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments. 


2. Brainspotting has Successfully Treated Anxiety Disorders


Brainspotting is another successful anxiety treatment option that accesses portions of the brain that can be hidden from our conscious awareness. In brainspotting therapy sessions, the therapist will work with the patient to get a diagnosis and perform treatment by identifying eye positions associated with traumatic memories hidden away in the brain. Developed by Dr. David Grand, brainspotting fortifies one’s internal resources to gently process work associated with traumatic attachments, trauma from one’s childhood, and conducting work necessary for combating dissociative disorders. Patients can learn how to regulate the brain’s control of the body while encouraging physical and mental wellness.  

3. Somatic Experiencing Therapy is a Popular Treatment for Anxiety


Somatic experiencing can be an ideal anxiety treatment for those who have survived an extreme experience. This experience could range from things like surviving a plane crash, surviving a shooting, or witnessing a graphic death. When traumatic events like this happen, pent-up energy is stored in the body causing bodily and emotional stress. Somatic experiencing is a therapeutic method that helps patients rid their body of that negative survival energy by self-regulation and is commonly practiced at Serenity Trauma. 


4. EMDR Counseling can be Your Ideal Treatment for Anxiety Brought on by Traumatic Memories


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy designed to alleviate anxiety in people triggered by traumatic memories. When investing in this treatment, a therapist will help you tap into those traumatic memories and gently enable you to process their fine points to gain an adaptable resolution. Your symptoms will be noted by the EMDR therapist, and a treatment plan will be created that’s customized to your unique profile. The treatment will help alleviate the pain brought on by emotional trauma trapped in the body and enable people to be more aware of the roots of their trauma while being able to process events in a healthy manner with a peaceful resolution as the result, alongside greater ease, and a sense of calming. 


What is the Right Anxiety Treatment for Me?


To determine the best anxiety treatment therapy, you must have a consultation with a therapist specializing in these above treatment types at an anxiety treatment center. Serenity Trauma, located in beautiful Malibu, California, is a leading trauma center with the best anxiety therapists in the country helping clients from mixed backgrounds find relief from their anxiety. The best treatment type will be based on the traumatic experience you had, your symptoms, and how your body and mind processes and communicates energy and emotions. Whether you have a type of PTSD, or anxiety from a traumatic childhood occurrence, the therapists at Serenity Trauma will be able to map out the best possible treatment plan, and help you hit the restart button on your life, while giving you a new outlook on a life filled with purpose. Call today, and together let’s begin the journey to you reclaiming your life where you will live the best version of yourself amidst a backdrop of joy and meaning.