Havening therapists are highly trained mental healthcare providers who specialize in havening therapy–an approach that relies on “amygdala depotentiation” that can help individuals who suffer from psychological disorders rooted in anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and phobias. Developed by Ronald Ruden and Steve Ruden, this approach is used by the best havening therapists at trauma centers in Malibu, and at the across the country.

This article is intended to help those suffering from anxiety learn all about havening therapists and the approach they practice that has brought meaning and joy into the lives of thousands of people.

Havening Therapists Specialize in Treating Anxiety, but You Will Need a Consultation

Indeed, having therapists successfully treat anxiety. However, you will want to have a consultation with a therapist at Serenity Trauma to ensure that havening therapy is the right treatment for you. Each person is wired differently, and we all process emotions and events differently based on several variables. A trained therapist will be able to determine which therapy treatment approach is right for you, and if it doesn’t happen to be havening, it could very well be a hybrid of this approach and another.

How do Havening Therapists Conduct Sessions?

When you are paired with one of our specialties heavening therapists, the process will be explained, and several measures will be taken to ensure you are comfortable. The havening technique relies on touch which is applied by a therapist stroking the arms, hands, or face. When this happens, an electro-chemical reaction within the brain happens, and studies suggest that serotonin is released, which has a soothing effect that helps patients deny painful memories from engulfing their control, and as a result, painful mental health symptoms are alleviated. Havening therapists are trained to tap into the part of the brain where memories are stored, and before rating one’s personal distress, the therapists will work to bring those stress levels down.

Havening Therapists Treat People with a Wide Range of Anxiety Disorders

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Havening therapists are trained to treat a cross section of people who have a wide range of anxiety disorders. In fact, in some cases, a person may have multiple anxiety disorders. At Serenity Trauma our havening therapists have successfully treated patients with a wide range of anxiety disorders that include:

  • Phobias
  • Addiction trauma
  • Combat PTSD / First responder PTSD
  • Family trauma
  • Complex PTSD
  • Survivor guilt PTSD
  • Grief anxiety
  • Violent crime PTSD
  • Sexual abuse PTSD
  • Family scapegoat PTSD
  • Illness PTSD

Keep in mind that the havening approach is used to treat deep-rooted anxiety with origins from multiple places. While accounting for rumination and negative responses stemming from instinct, this approach has significantly bettered the lives of thousands of people who make up a pool of individuals suffering from a wide range of traumas.

Is there Academic Research proving that Havening Therapy Works to Treat Anxiety?

Yes, there are several research studies in existence that show evidence that havening therapists successfully treat people with anxiety. In a more recent study published in ‘Psychology and Neuroscience’ titled ‘The Power of Touch: The Effects of Havening Touch on Subjective Distress, Mood, Brain Function and Psychological Health’ by Alexander Sumich and others, research indicates that the havening approach “purportedly harnesses the power of touch to stimulate oxytocin release and facilitate adaptive processing of distressing thoughts/memories”. This study was the first to investigate the effects of havening touch on mood, brain function, subjective distress, and well-being. In this study, 24 people underwent a single session run by havening therapists after they experienced a stressful event. Mood and the resting-state was noted before the sessions, as well as immediately after the sessions. Then, psychological health was assessed two weeks later as a baseline in which a great reduction in stress levels was documented. This is just one of many studies. Havening therapy is evidence based, and there is very little risk involved.

Does my Insurance Cover Havening Therapy at Serenity Trauma?

Serenity Trauma is a specialized trauma center, specializing in havening therapy, located in Malibu that does not accept insurance. Insurance generally covers traditional psychotherapy approaches, but for groundbreaking treatment that go deeper, only out of network treatment is available. Many of Serenity Trauma’s patients have said that working with our havening therapists was the best investment they ever made in themselves. This life-changing therapy can help people redefine the way they relate to the events that spawned their anxiety, purge their body of that negative energy, and begin a new, healthy chapter in their life’s journey.

Book a Consultation with Our Havening Therapists Today

If you are battling anxiety rooted in a traumatic event, and you are ready to take control of your life and carve out an existence of love, peace, and fulfillment, then now is the time to contact Serenity Trauma and book a consultation with one of our expert havening therapists here in the tranquil setting of Malibu, CA. Our caring and supportive team is standing by to take your call!