In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right anxiety treatment can be challenging for those who have limited time towards investing in an effective treatment program. Enter alternative anxiety PHP therapy: this unique approach to a partial hospitalization program designed to treat anxiety can encompass digital visits, or in-person anxiety therapy sessions designed to treat trauma victims who don’t require 24/7 onsite treatment. In addition, anxiety treatment centers that offer alternative therapies in PHP programs for PTSD or other disorders.

This article will review three of the most effective therapies used to treat PTSD and other anxiety disorders, and present readers with much better options than resorting to traditional speech therapy that seldom treats the whole person or that gets to the roots of the individual’s trauma.

Brainspotting is a Highly Effective Anxiety Treatment in a PHP Therapy Program

When it comes to treating psychiatric and neurological disorders characterized by hyperarousal, repeating experiences and avoidance via the egress of surviving a traumatic experience, brainspotting has been proven to be highly effective in not only ridding the patient of their anxiety symptoms, but also in healing the way those symptoms impact the physical body. Not only have a number of research projects demonstrated that people who underwent brainspotting were cured of their PTSD, but physical symptoms also saw improvement. According to a research paper by Mariani Foo published by University Pelita Harapan and Siloam Hospitals titled, ‘A Study of Brainspotting Therapy in PTSD Using 18 FDG Brain PET Scan to Evaluate Glucose Metabolism Changes’, the following was concluded with funding requests for further research:

A single-subject pretest-posttest design was applied in this study with two subjects (n = 1 PTSD; n = 1 Healthy Control; HC). Thirty sessions with online BSP were given to the PTSD subjects. 18FDG PET measurements and clinical assessment using HAM-A, DASS, and PCL-5 were taken for both subjects before and after treatment. The SDMAC value of brain 18FDG PET derived from NeuroQ software was used quantitatively between the PTSD and HC subjects to evaluate the glucose metabolism level of the mid-frontal cortex (MFC) and medial temporal cortex(MTC), which is associated with PTSD. Measurements taken post-treatment for clinical assessment exhibited a reduction in PTSD symptoms while PET scans demonstrated varied results. The findings of this study indicate that online BSP is effective for improving PTSD symptoms and has various effects on brain glucose metabolism. 

Serenity Trauma has a successful treatment rate using brainspotting in PHP anxiety programs of more than 97%, meaning all psychological, emotional and physical symptoms were eradicated. Further studies such as the one above simply demonstrate the wide range effectiveness that brainspotting has on treating the whole person, body and mind, who suffers from an anxiety disorder. 

EMDR Counseling as Part of a PHP Therapy Program for Anxiety

EMDR counseling is another highly effective therapy for treating anxiety within PHP treatment plans. In EMDR counseling, the distress from the traumatic event is brought to the surface as EMDR counselors work with the patient to reconfigure all negative beliefs associated with the event while simultaneously reducing the levels of psychological arousal. In short sequential periods, the patient will focus on the emotionally upsetting elements that have filled the body with trauma while paying attention to an external stimulus. When undergoing PHP therapy with EMDR counselors, the therapist will direct lateral eye movement to the external stimulus. The stimulus can range from tapping on the arm to audio stimulation to assist in penetrating the traumatic memory and its network of channels to boost information enhancement processing in a way that gives the person new associations bridged between information and memories that will aid in helping to process the traumatic memory itself. EMDR therapy in a PHP program will help to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of anxiety, present new methods for learning, and help the trauma patient develop new, healthier cognitive insights. 

Serenity Trauma is a leading EMDR counseling center in America, using this alternative therapy in our PHP programs designed to treat anxiety at all levels. 

Havening Therapy for PHP Anxiety Treatment Programs

Finally, havening therapy is another effective treatment for anxiety uses in PHP programs. Havening therapists incorporate eye movement, touch and a variety of distractions to treat anxiety in custom PHP treatment programs. The goal is to reduce anxiety and stress associated with painful memories by altering pathways in the brain that are connected to emotional stress. The philosophy behind havening therapy is that serotonin production is increased in the brain when people suffering from anxiety are touched in a therapeutic method that invites relaxation and enables them to let go of the painful memory or experience that’s trapped within.

In a King’s College University of London 2015 research paper by Neil Greenberg and others titled, ‘Impact of a Single-Session of havening’, researchers found that havening therapy used in a society with a lack of mental health care provided a “rapid and effective intervention of the care system, and that people given a single session saw significant improvement in their depression, anxiety, and impaired functionality in the workplace. 

Multiple research projects over the course of several years concur that havening therapy can be an effective way to quickly treat anxiety, even in a single session, as supported by the above mentioned work. Serenity Trauma often uses havening therapy to treat patients in PHP programs, and based on the individual client, a hybrid treatment approach may be customized by combining havening therapy with elements from other alternative therapy approaches.

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