The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our lives, leading to widespread anxiety and fear. Despite the fact that vaccinations are widely available, COVID cases are down, and we are no longer battling a labeled pandemic, many people are nonetheless left with varying degrees of anxiety rooted in the following:

Anxiety from working to avoid COVID
Anxiety from catching and surviving COVID
Anxiety from getting vaccinated against COVID
Anxiety from witnessing illness or death of a loved one due to COVID
Anxiety from social distancing

While traditional therapy has low success rates in curing people of COVID-related anxiety, brainspotting therapy for treating anxiety is one of the most effective therapies that have worked for thousands of people who tried traditional speak-based therapy, and who failed to get the support they needed to recover.

This article is intended to help those battling anxiety symptoms brought on from living through the COVID pandemic while presenting brainspotting therapy as a successful treatment method that has enabled hundreds of Serenity Trauma clients to embrace a full recovery.

COVID and Trauma from Anxiety

COVID is a major source of anxiety for thousands of people in the US, and anxiety scales have even been created by healthcare professionals to get a better understanding of its impact on one’s emotional and psychological health.

According to ‘Psychiatry Research’ volume 290 titled ‘Clinically Significant Fear and Anxiety of COVID-19: A Psychometric Examination of the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale’ by Sherman A. Lee and others, researchers created a Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS)–”a mental health screener designed to aid healthcare professionals and researchers in identifying probable cases of dysfunctional anxiety associated with the COVID-19 crisis”. The CAS scores were correlated with coronavirus fear, a coronavirus diagnosis, substance coping, religious coping, impairment, suicidal idealation, hopelessness, social attitudes and satisfaction of Donald Trump. Of the 398 participants in the study, 98% of them showed symptoms of anxiety as a result of surviving the coronavirus, and of these individuals, many of them sighted anxiety stemming from some of the above mentioned concerns associated with the COVID climate.

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a therapeutic technique developed by Dr. David Grand that focuses on accessing and processing traumatic or distressing experiences stored in the brain. This integrative method draws upon elements of psychotherapy, eye movement, and mindfulness to facilitate healing. The process involves the identification of “brainspots,” which are specific eye positions that correlate with the activation of traumatic memories and emotions. By gently directing the individual’s gaze towards these spots, brainspotting therapists are able to tap into the brain’s natural ability to process and release unresolved trauma.

Brainspotting as a Treatment for Anxiety from COVID-19

The aftermath of surviving COVID-19 can be emotionally challenging, with anxiety frequently emerging as a prominent issue. The uncertainty, fear, and isolation experienced during the illness, coupled with the potential long-term physical consequences, can significantly impact mental well-being. Brainspotting offers a unique approach to address anxiety related to surviving COVID-19 by targeting the underlying trauma and allowing individuals to process their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.
During brainspotting sessions at Serenity Trauma, the best brainspotting therapists guide clients to locate and focus their gaze on relevant brainspots, which may connect to specific COVID-related triggers or traumatic memories. This process enables the individual to access and engage with the anxiety-provoking material in a controlled manner, gradually desensitizing their emotional response. Through consistent sessions, brainspotting facilitates the release of unresolved trauma, fostering a sense of relief, empowerment, and increased resilience.
H2 – Brainspotting Promotes Emotional Regulation and Resilience
One of the significant benefits of brainspotting for post-COVID anxiety is its ability to promote emotional regulation. Surviving COVID-19 often leaves individuals feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions, such as fear, sadness, or anger. Brainspotting helps individuals regain control over their emotional responses by providing a structured platform to process and release these emotions.
Additionally, brainspotting enhances resilience by allowing individuals to confront and reframe their traumatic experiences. By safely revisiting and processing the anxiety associated with surviving COVID-19, individuals can gradually integrate their experience into their personal narrative while being guided by brainspotting therapists, transforming it from a source of distress to one of strength and growth. Brainspotting empowers individuals to develop a renewed sense of self, facilitating post-traumatic growth and a more adaptive response to future challenges.
H2 – Brainspotting Therapy Facilitates and Processes Traumatic Wounds
Surviving COVID-19 entails more than just physical recovery; it involves tending to the psychological wounds left behind. Brainspotting offers a valuable therapeutic avenue for individuals struggling with anxiety related to their COVID-19 experience. By facilitating the processing and release of unresolved trauma, brainspotting assists in finding healing, promoting emotional regulation, and fostering resilience.
H3 – Call Serenity Trauma to Learn More About Brainspotting Therapy
If you tried traditional therapy but you are still battling anxiety, don’t give up on your goal to live your best life. Brainspotting has a significantly higher anxiety treatment rate, and more than 90% of our clients who transitioned from general psychologists to Serenity Trauma’s brainspotting therapy have been completely cured and were able to hit the “restart” button on life enabling a future of optimism and joy.
If you or someone you know is grappling with post-COVID anxiety, consider exploring the potential benefits of brainspotting in the journey towards reclaiming a sense of well-being and hope, and let our brainspotting therapists at Serenity Trauma guide you towards living the best authentic version of your true self.