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With our Family program, we can surround you with the right support to give you the best chance of healing. Our family therapy program takes the people who we share lifelong bonds with – our family – and turns them into powerful allies on your journey towards a richer life.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Your health doesn’t just affect one person. Mental health disorders, like PTSD, and their underlying traumas both feed from and feed into the strength of relationships with others around you.

If you’re facing difficulty, your interactions with your family and friends can suffer as a result. In a similar way, if relationships within your family system are deteriorating, it can have a negative effect on your mental health.

Conversely, improving the relationships you have with others has a profound effect on many aspects of your recovery and your life in general, and can have long-lasting benefits for your future success.

These benefits include:

  • Increased resilience to hardships
  • Better stress management
  • A wider and stronger support network for times of need
  • More loving intimate relationships
  • Greater understanding
  • Better management of anger and depression
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse

What Our Program Involves

Often family members do not know how to assist a person who is struggling with the aftermath of trauma, and family trauma therapy is needed. Despite their best intentions, they may even act in a counterproductive manner and, as a result, feel helpless.

Our family counseling in Malibu is designed to incorporate family members into carefully controlled, non-confrontational therapy sessions. In these sessions, a qualified family therapist will aim to address key points such as:

  • How the members of your family, and the relationship with your family, affects your trauma and growth
  • Describing clearly to your family what you are going through, how it manifests, and how you are healing
  • What they can do to be consistently supportive influences in your life going forward
  • How best to ensure loving, positive, and continually improving communication between everyone in the family

You’ll always have the greatest success if you don’t face your healing alone.

Serenity Trauma Healing Center in Malibu, California is state and JCAHO accredited, and our caring mental health professionals are on your side. We’ll help those closest to you to not only understand what you’re going through but to become indispensable supporters in your fight to be free from trauma.

We’re all here for you. Contact us online today to see how we can help.