Serenity Trauma Healing Center

The creators of the original SERENITY METHOD.

Programs at Serenity Trauma Center

Serenity Trauma Center has been the only place that delivers just one-on-one individual therapy in a carefully designed unique program of therapies. The Serenity Method has delivered successful outcomes for clients from all over the world.

The Serenity Method is designed with the basic principle of helping people deal with the underlying trauma – which is often the cause of a variety of behaviors – for the last time. To allow healing on the deepest level so each client can resolve their issues and re-integrate into their best life.

As the leader in this type of therapy, Serenity works with each client to customize a treatment program to allow for the kind of therapeutic work that can be done in a way that will not cause the client additional trauma or be re-triggered.

Serenity does not put any client in a group setting which can often be problematic for those suffering from trauma. Every session is one-on-one with experts in all of the most cutting-edge treatment modalities. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Serenity Trauma Center’s peaceful Malibu facility promotes renewal and healing in a safe and serene environment.

Chronic Pain and Trauma Recovery

Chronic pain is a medical condition that triggers nervous system sensitization. The result is painful sensations that occur during daily life. Chronic pain persists and can contribute to numerous health challenges. Pain is considered chronic when it lasts longer than an injury or illness’s typical recovery period. The timeline for…

Partial Hospitalization Program

A variety of outpatient treatment options are available to you at Serenity Trauma Healing Center. For some patients, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the best approach. It provides the highest level of care with 30 hours a week of individual therapy. Patients receive five days a week of various…

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Dealing with traumatic experiences and their after effects is enough, but when you only want to get on with your life, there may be any number of barriers. The road to recovery is a long one; caring support is needed to help you heal, which is what our Intensive Outpatient…

Custom Outpatient Trauma Program

Trauma treatment doesn’t always have to be intensive. Therefore, we offer a customized plan that moves along at your pace. Our customized outpatient program often only requires one or two therapy sessions per week. Therapies and care options are designed to fit each client’s needs and include services such as…

Day Treatment Program

At Serenity Trauma Healing Center, we understand the impact that trauma and mental health disorders may have on your family. Our Family Program is designed to incorporate family members into therapy sessions. Often family members do not know how to assist a person who is struggling with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Family Program

To have the best chance of healing, you need to surround yourself with the right support. Our family therapy program takes the people who we share lifelong bonds with – our family – and turns them into powerful allies on your journey towards a richer life. The Benefits of Family…